An unique, top-class sofa. Experience just what made-to-order truly is. 4 different seat comforts, 6 different armrests, which might be turned into a table or shelf, 7 different legs and a multiplicity of elements give you a sofa dimensioned to your needs.

Trademark: SOFO
Model: TEMPO

Tempo garantuees high comfort, and you decide in which shape: Four different seat comforts leave no cosy whish to be desired. With the selection of six types of armrests, which might be turned into a table or a shelf, you may give your sofa its special character. It is possible to have different types of armrest at each end. All armrests adapt to the sofa's plain and straight-lined design, so that a uniform and integrated whole is formed. An additional sense of lightness dispenses the armchair with swivelling function.

Six armrest for individual design

Tempo A

Tempo B

Tempo C

Tempo D

Tempo E

Tempo F

Feet variantions in metal and wood (H= 120 mm)








  1. Frame: Particle board with solid wood frames
  2. Spring system: elastic wave springs; PM: elastic wave springs, innerspings
  3. Seat padding: elastic PUR-foam in diffferent densities with diolen covering; PM: coconut matting, PUR-foam with diolen covering
  4. Back padding: Particle board with elastic PUR-foam
  5. Feet alternatives: various foot styles made from wood or metal

seat upholstery:

Technical changes with reservation.

ISO 9001