The newest among our models: suite NUVOLA

NUVOLA prooves the latin saying Nomen est omen to be right: feeling as if nestled in clouds, while enjoying la dolce vita. An extra-wide layer of fleece, covering the seat padding, and back cushions filled with silicone fabric evoke an soft, cosy sitting. The airy form of a cloud is reflected in the semicircular form of all parts of the sofa – from the corpus and seat cushions to the feet. For each level of stress the matching relaxing angle Regarding its comfort, NUVOLA will exceed your expectations: Each seat hides a mechanism to adjust each back element gradually to lying position. To do so, you only need to grab the back element and push it into the direction of the sitting part until you might feel a light resistance. Then you let the back rest slip to the lying position. From that position you may lift the back element up gradually to the wished angle. For all who prefer spending their evenings in a lying position, the armrests of NUVOLA are adjustable and extra-soft upholstere. Your relaxing evening may start now. Model NUVOLA comprise a wide range of different elements in various sizes.